Ten Days and Counting

Ten days until the Inaugural Fire & Knife and things are really starting to heat up. We have a handful of tickets left and some new info to release:

– The food theme for the evening will be “ModMex.” High end interpretations of old world Mexican/Latin cuisine. It will be both a symphony and a jazz set; some dishes will be thought out and practiced until perfection, others will be improvised on the spot.

– Complimentary wine and beer bar provided by Pauly’s Beer & Wine of Lowell, MI. Featuring Pauly himself spouting his wine knowledge over pairings through the evening.

– For those food geeks that are also cooking geeks: you will have open access to the kitchen and preparation areas. Of course, if you are in the “back of house” you will be treated like “back of house” (ie – cursing, yelling, belittling of ones family and friends) So be warned!

Get your tickets at: