Host your very own Fire & Knife…

Fire & Knife Underground Supper Club presents a new program where YOU become the signature chef. Gather all of your foodie friends and throw the party they will never forget. The evening will be equal parts cooking class, dinner party, and chef fantasy camp.

Here’s how it works. Fire & Knife creator and Professional Mercenary Chef, Brian Gerrity, will come to your home for an initial consultation. There, you and he will design your evening from set up to service and everything in between. You will design the night’s menu (with Brian’s guidance) and discuss what preparations need to be done. The evening of your party, Brian and Chris Crans (Fire & Knife Matradee and co-creator) will arrive early with all of the implements and ingredients necessary for your menu. You will prep together, cook together, trade ideas and secrets, and serve your one a kind, one night only menu to the bewilderment of your friends and family. (PS – Brian and Chris will clean up while you take all the credit!).

Sound fun? Then email Brian at to set up a date today!

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