Fire & Knife Event Announcement!
Fire & Knife presents “Tavolo Per Due” with Chef Nick “Niko” Natale on Saturday, February 16th at 5:00 pm.

Though Chef Niko has been instrumental in bringing the Asian Fusion trend to Grand Rapids in hipster hot spots like Rockwell/Republic and The Winchester, his true food passion has never been realized in town… until now. Nick studied and found his food soul during an extended stay in Italy. Though his knife came back to the States, his heart remains there. Fire & Knife is proud to give Niko a very special venue to share is inspirations with you.

The theme is love. The food is Italian. The table is for two. That’s right, one ticket gets you your own personal table for two. Niko will be preparing seven courses to inspire amore.

The dress code is casual but sharp. Dress to impress your date (or Niko might steal her). Please have an open culinary mind as Niko will be pushing the limits of his theme. He is no stranger to the odd and wonderful world of the lesser used ingredients. Let’s just say the owners of the Asian markets around town know him by name.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will be contacted via email with location and other pertinent information as it becomes available. Please include your phone number as a backup means of communication.