Fire & Knife Event Announcement for March 22nd!

Fire & Knife presents “Pilar” – Inspired by the life and travels of Ernest Hemingway

Saturday March 22nd, 2014 at 6pm.

Ernest “Papa” Hemingway lived large. Very large. He left an indelible mark across the world. Everywhere he spent time writing, fishing, or merely living, his energy seeped into the culture of that place. It is difficult to travel without running into a “Hemingway Slept Here” or “Papa’s Favorite Bar Stool” sign hanging in a dark corner.

It is with that spirit of adventure and gusto that we introduce this one of a kind evening celebrating the places that those signs hang. From the babbling rivers and streams of our very own Northern Michigan, to the sultry, dangerous nights in the revolting streets of Spain. From a poor man’s seat at the moveable feast of Paris, to the rum soaked, salty air of the smoke filled bars of Havana.

The dress code is sharp but casual. No look alike contests or anything. You need not know a thing about the author to enjoy yourself, we promise. Expect a lot of seafood and fish (Pilar was the name of Papa’s fishing boat in Cuba) with a smattering of game and the like. Special diet requests are always welcome.

There will be two styles of ticket for this event. The “Table-for-Two” ticket will be a romantic atmosphere with individual table service. The “Single” ticket will get you a seat at a family style table with a more casual experience. Both style tickets include a spot at our “Happy Hour” service to start the evening.

Space is extremely limited. Parking is free and ample. Location will be in Downtown Grand Rapids and revealed to you 24 hours before the event via email.

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Fire & Knife Event Announcement!
Fire & Knife presents “Tavolo Per Due” with Chef Nick “Niko” Natale on Saturday, February 16th at 5:00 pm.

Though Chef Niko has been instrumental in bringing the Asian Fusion trend to Grand Rapids in hipster hot spots like Rockwell/Republic and The Winchester, his true food passion has never been realized in town… until now. Nick studied and found his food soul during an extended stay in Italy. Though his knife came back to the States, his heart remains there. Fire & Knife is proud to give Niko a very special venue to share is inspirations with you.

The theme is love. The food is Italian. The table is for two. That’s right, one ticket gets you your own personal table for two. Niko will be preparing seven courses to inspire amore.

The dress code is casual but sharp. Dress to impress your date (or Niko might steal her). Please have an open culinary mind as Niko will be pushing the limits of his theme. He is no stranger to the odd and wonderful world of the lesser used ingredients. Let’s just say the owners of the Asian markets around town know him by name.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will be contacted via email with location and other pertinent information as it becomes available. Please include your phone number as a backup means of communication.

Fire & Knife Event – Novemeber 17th!

Fire & Knife presents “Home Again” with Chef Brian Gerrity and Singer/Songwriter Andy Holtgreive on Thursday Nov. 17th at 6:30 pm.

Andy has been writing, singing, and shaking his behind across the country for more than two decades. As the front man for the omnipresent Grand Rapids institution Domestic Problems, he has touched the lives of generations of people with his heartfelt lyrics and upbeat melodies. Now you get to experience his craft in an intimate house concert catered by Brian, the Founder and Instigator of Fire & Knife. Brian will be preparing and sharing the recipes for Holiday inspired Fusion Finger Food.

Think of this event as a college house party with locally crafted brews and wine instead of a keg of Natty Light, culinary creations designed to light up your palate instead of day old pizza, and a guy with a guitar who knows way more than three Dylan covers and a DMB song.

Dress for the event is casual but sharp. There will be times when we ask you to give your undivided attention to our musical guest who will be playing in the raw (no PA) so if you have a problem keeping your big yap shut, this is not for you. Andy will be busking his new project “Home Again” so be sure to bring an extra ten spot.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will be contacted via email with other pertinent information as it becomes available. Please include your phone number as a backup means of communication.

Get your tickets now at:

Host your very own Fire & Knife…

Fire & Knife Underground Supper Club presents a new program where YOU become the signature chef. Gather all of your foodie friends and throw the party they will never forget. The evening will be equal parts cooking class, dinner party, and chef fantasy camp.

Here’s how it works. Fire & Knife creator and Professional Mercenary Chef, Brian Gerrity, will come to your home for an initial consultation. There, you and he will design your evening from set up to service and everything in between. You will design the night’s menu (with Brian’s guidance) and discuss what preparations need to be done. The evening of your party, Brian and Chris Crans (Fire & Knife Matradee and co-creator) will arrive early with all of the implements and ingredients necessary for your menu. You will prep together, cook together, trade ideas and secrets, and serve your one a kind, one night only menu to the bewilderment of your friends and family. (PS – Brian and Chris will clean up while you take all the credit!).

Sound fun? Then email Brian at to set up a date today!

Fire & Knife Event Announcement!!!!

Fire & Knife proudly presents “Sesto Senso” with Chef Jenna Arcidiacono on August 15thy, 2011 at 6:30 PM.

Jenna is quickly becoming the talk of the town for the authentic Italian cuisine she is creating at her Comstock Park restaurant Amore Trattoria Italiana. For her Fire & Knife, she will be turning a traditional Italian family dinner on its head. “Sesto Senso” (meaning Sixth Sense in Italian) will challenge the culinary adventurer on all levels. Your eyes, ears, nose, and palate will spend the evening in a delightfully confused state of bliss.

The event will be indoors so it will happen rain, shine, or sweltering summer heat. It is for the truly opened minded omnivore. Rather than being told what you are eating, you will tell us! The guest who guesses the most courses correctly will be bringing home a covetous collection of foodie fodder.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will be contacted via email with other pertinent information as it becomes available. Please include your phone number as a backup means of communication.

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Ten Days and Counting

Ten days until the Inaugural Fire & Knife and things are really starting to heat up. We have a handful of tickets left and some new info to release:

– The food theme for the evening will be “ModMex.” High end interpretations of old world Mexican/Latin cuisine. It will be both a symphony and a jazz set; some dishes will be thought out and practiced until perfection, others will be improvised on the spot.

– Complimentary wine and beer bar provided by Pauly’s Beer & Wine of Lowell, MI. Featuring Pauly himself spouting his wine knowledge over pairings through the evening.

– For those food geeks that are also cooking geeks: you will have open access to the kitchen and preparation areas. Of course, if you are in the “back of house” you will be treated like “back of house” (ie – cursing, yelling, belittling of ones family and friends) So be warned!

Get your tickets at:


Tickets On Sale NOW for Innagural Fire & Knife

As a follower of the Fire & Knife blog you get first crack at tickets! Though they are available to anyone right now, their availability will not be publicly announced until 5pm this evening.

Here is your link to buy tickets:

Fire & Knife starts off with a bang! Chef Tommy Fitzgerald brings his unique style of “foodertainment” to the table. You know Tommy as an omnipresent ambassador of good food and good times. You hear him on the radio, on the television, and all over social media. As the owner of the biggest little cafe in Grand Rapids, Cafe Stella (inside the Riverview Center on 6th and Front), and the creator of The Juiceball Fund which provides truck loads of juice boxes for hungry kids, you would think he wouldn’t have time to travel the globe throwing extravagant parties…but he does. So now it’s your chance to try and keep up with him!

 This event will be primarily indoors so comfortable, casual attire is accepted. Look sharp though, you are bound to show up in pictures! Wear shoes you can stand in. This will not be a sit down service. Omnivores only please. There will be something for everyone but expect a plethora of exotic proteins. Tommy will be fresh off a month cooking in Miami so one can expect some Latin or Cuban influence.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will be contacted via email with other pertinent information as it becomes available. Please include your phone number as a backup means of communication.